Beepling around #1

Inspired by a man, who did an artwork a day for over 10 years,, I decided to give it shot to make quick graphic in 2 hours.  It’s not good, but it’s a start. No wonder why beeple used the word “crap” in his domain.

100000 Symbols.

There are a lot of useful symbol that are present in fonts on the Internet. You can find a lot of tables with ASCII symbols and alt codes. For example left [alt]+[numpad 1] gives a smiley face (☺), [alt] and typing 16 gives you ►. However, I was unable to find a list of all […]

#PONG 2 – Play Offline Now Guys

Super Hammer! Super Hammer is a 2D platformer unlike any other. You control an adventurous hammer that climbs mountains. I created another game, check it out here for Windows PC version: Itch.IO games – Hammer by Tymski Or here for the Android version: Android Google Play Store – Hammer by Tymski Here are some screenshots […]

PONG – Play Online Now Guys

I created more than a dozen of computer games. But most of them were somewhere deep in my folder structure on my PC for years. I spent a couple of hours making the video below about my first game on html canvas. Later on I will do a JavaScript breakdown with some key ideas and […]

Basics of programming #2

This is a continuation to Basics of programming. By reading this series you will learn JavaScript programming. Today we will: Run our first JavaScript code Setup our developer environment for programming with JavaScript Write and execute some code Displaying “Hello World” using JavaScript If you are reading this in your web browser the simplest way […]