It is possible, that the first human to live 1000 years is walking on Earth right now.

Or maybe he or she is sitting in a chair, or swimming, I don’t know. But the first human to live thousands a few years may just be living today. We may have now longer lives than any generation before, but we may soon discover how to overcome aging all together. First of all, is it actually possible to live forever, I mean, not to age and have no limits in our biological bodies? If we look into nature, we find various species that never age and can live not only hundreds, but thousands of years. Some lobsters, crocodiles and alligators just grow bigger and never grow older. Sponge can live 10000 years or more (sponge is an animal if you didn’t know that). As we unravel the secrets of their longevity and our misery, maybe we could extract the right genes from multiple organisms and learn to edit our own genome to produce similar results. Editing our genome could be the best method to become immortal, but until that happens, maybe we have some other good options to prolong our life. Growing new tissue in the lab becomes common and some countries can grow and 3D print entire organs. Maybe we can replace damaged and used up parts of our body, change all the blood in our system for new and fresh.

Why do we age?

As cells divide, their telomeres become shorter to the point, they cannot divide longer and we die.


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