Speech-to-text software test

Hello everyone this is just a simple test. I am testing my speech-to-text software. it utilizes JavaScript and node.js. I have node.js server that serves html+js. If I were to type all of this with my fingers on my keyboard it would have taken me far less time, as I have to constantly repeat multiple times what I have just said. But let’s go back to the technology. With my Android phone I connect to the server with http. A simple web page is served. It constantly listens to the microphone and uses Google speech recognition native to Android. Whenever I get the finalized text from Google speech recognition, I just send it over socket.js to my computer. When the computer receives message from the phone, it creates a new child process. The process runs an AutoHotKey script that types that message on the keyboard. This is a part of a project I’m currently working on called remote.js. It will have features like: touchpad, tablet-like screen mapping, custom game controller and some other things.


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  1. Tymski says:

    Every time I use this software I make some changes. Today for example I created a button, that selects my most recent finalized speech so I can quickly select an error caused by a flaw in my pronunciation or in the recognition. I have to say that this is very handy and I used it like 5 times while writing this text.


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