Start small, think big.

I write this one for myself. And for You too. Every day do something new, something different. By experimenting, you explore. You may find something that will be an interest for you. You can find something good for you or something you are good at. Have big dreams. Have great ambition. Focus on your goals. Start on something manageable. Do the first step, not everything at once because you will get overwhelmed. Be realistic. Have realistic plans and goals…

Have you ever heard someone saying:

You should be distracted. Don’t work towards your goals and don’t be realistic. Maintain your bad habits.

Every motivational speaker I heard uses truisms (Truism is a statement that is obviously true and says nothing new or interesting) to be legit, to be agreeable. No one will stand up and say:
Noone: Hey, you shouldn’t take care of yourself! You should be unreasonable!
because every other person could just say:
Every other person: Everyone knows a motivational speaker is right. How could you disagree with him? Give him pat on the back, because he knows, what life means! He will teach you how to live, you moron!

So why even start talking anything on the subject? Everyone agrees on the truisms in this talk. Everyone knows it is better to accomplish their dreams. Isn’t it pointless to talk about it?
Maybe it is. Maybe it is not. The truth is if not for Siraj Raval and his video:  “How to Find Meaningful Work In Life” this post would not exist. It made me wonder and think for fifteen minutes now. And inspired me a little bit. And that made all the difference.

See video here:


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