Resources for Blender3D users

Blender is a complete 3D creation suite. So basically you can make anything 3D related inside of Blender. For example:  3D models for 3d printing, video game assets, architectural visualization. You can create a game, rigid body physics simulation, liquid and smoke simulations, animations, sketches, vfx, videos and more. Personally I use Blender for all of my video editing. I also make 3D and 2D models and graphics for my games. There is a lot to learn when using Blender

This is a short list of Youtube Channels for learning Blender:

    1.  Blender – you can find there a playlist of Blender Fundamentals, info about Open Movies and watch all of them. There are also playlists from Blender Conference (2017 and older).
    2. Andrew Price also known as Blender Guru. His channel contains cool texturing tutorials. You can learn here about composition, light, modeling and materials. He has short tutorials full of content and long tutorials with full step by step instructions.
    3. Sebastian Lague – High quality Creating character series. He has also tutorials for Blender + Unity3D for game creators.
    4. Gleb Alexandrov – On Gleb’s channel you can find some tutorials for more advanced users. He also talks about creativity and photo realism.
    5. CG Cookie – Covers various subjects and blender features and has quite a lot of videos.
    6. MrSorbias – Has a 2 hours and 44 minutes long video about creating a sandwitch and over 3 hours video tutorial on creating a shoe.
    7. tutor4u – this Napkin Tutorial and more tutorials for beginners.
    8. Zacharias Reinhardt – some tutorials and time lapses. Talks about creating stuff with Blender.

There are more cool Blender related channels and creators and a lot of them create also other content. For each of those youtube channel you can find a website with additional content, but for the next list I chosen only few of them.

Some useful webpages:

  1. Download others’ models and upload your own to share them with the World.
  2. Blender related articles and awesome renders showcase.
  3. Talk about your creations with CG Cookie community.
  4. More info about Gleb Alexandrov’s youtube channel.
  5. Free and paid tutorials and courses.
  6. Forum for Blender Artists – ask questions, show your creations.
  7. Question and answers for Blender.

You can also join some Facebook groups, but in my opinion it is not worth joining to most of them. The one I can recommend is:

  1. Blender group – Full range of posts quality, you can find some masterpieces and a lot of garbage there. 60000+ users. I found out, that community is generally kind and helpful. They can provide valuable feedback for your work.

Blender has a lot of features so there are many other resources, websites, Youtube channels that one can recommend. For example there could be whole new lists for sculpting, textures, animation, vfx and so on. But this is enough for today.



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