Super Hammer – super hard arcade game

If you like challenges, then this game is for you. I made a simple game, that is hard to play and easy to master. After initial skill requirement for basic movement, you probably can conquer the game quickly. It requires patience and dexterity and Android or Windows device. In the game, you control an adventurous hammer, that climbs mountains, jumps over spikes and chasms. You can spin left or right to move around, jump, collect stars and so on.

Here are some screenshots from the game:

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Super Hammer!

Super Hammer is a 2D platformer unlike any other. You control an adventurous hammer that climbs mountains.

Windows version download is available at:
Itch.IO games – Hammer by Tymski

Or tap here for the Android version:
Android Google Play Store – Hammer by Tymski

Here is a gameplay video:


To control the hammer you hold left or right side of the screen. The closer to the center, the weaker the force you have. So, for the full power press near the right or left edge and for more control press closer to the center. There are no other movement options. To jump you need to spin in the right moment when you are at the right position. I mean, you need to find a good spot for jumping, where you can push away of the ground in the direction you want.

When you get stuck somewhere, because you fall into a pit with no escape, or you get caught in between some oddly shaped mountains, you can restart the level. As of writing this, to restart a level you need to press back button, but in the next version this option might be in the menu. I don’t know, I am just an old post.

Developing the levels

I made every level from scratch and I tried to make each of them unique in some way. Each level looks a little bit different because of that. As I was developing the game, on every level I wrote some new scripts. On the first level, I added basic controls for the left and right spinning. On the second I implemented spikes and dying. On the third, I added moving camera, rotating spikes and some particles! Then, when I was creating level 4, I added following the player mode to the camera and also made collectible stars and portals. Level five has different design, without solid ground and requires to jump all the time. Level six brought timers and objects that disappear or show up after time passes. On the seventh level I added passive hammers and on the 8th level I introduced hammer swapping. I the meantime I created some Easter eggs in some levels, but I will not talk about them too much to avoid spoilers.

Game creation engine

Before I started creating Super Hammer, I already knew basics of Unity3D, very popular engine for creating games and apps. I made like five or so smaller games before in the engine and I even have one of them on the PlayStore, but still I had to learn some new features. Unity is pretty cool because it can build a game for Android, Windows, WebGL, Mac and Linux from the same code-base and with only minor settings changes.


I shamelessly stole the idea of hammer climbing from the game Getting over it with Bennett Foddy. Bennett Foddy stole the idea from the game Sexy Hiking. I also stole an idea to make abstractly shaped terrains that float in mid-air from the game Elastomania, which is another hard platformer game I like. I also stole idea of level select menu that has swiping from some other game.


I already made 2 updates to the Android app and added more features, but it isn’t enough for it to be successful. It needs to be more user friendly and have more diverse content for different types of players. Initially, it didn’t have any way of tracking progress and you couldn’t unlock anything in the app. Now at least I added achievements. I may add some customization options for the looks of the hammers and possibility to play the same level with different hammers with different properties and shapes.

I want to add some cool effects when you hit something hard, couple more levels, rewrite and redesign some bad code, that sometimes causes camera jitter. User Interface needs improvement and the list of things I could develop goes on…

I will write about updates in DevLog on the page, so if you want more insight on the development process, check that out.


Failing and starting over isn’t a part of the game. It is a part of learning a new skill and it is a part of life. Good luck and have fun!


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