100000 Symbols.

There are a lot of useful symbol that are present in fonts on the Internet. You can find a lot of tables with ASCII symbols and alt codes. For example left [alt]+[numpad 1] gives a smiley face (☺), [alt] and typing 16 gives you ►. However, I was unable to find a list of all the characters you can make. So I made a simple script that iterates and spits out next characters using HTML symbol notation like:  & #9820;. Using symbols like these works in most text fields on the Internet.

Symbols that I found:

Math symbols:
Some colorful pictures and emoji:
Chess pieces:

Breaking the Internet

Not every site handles all special symbols like these.

One guy made a self retweeting tweet thanks to breaking a text filter they used with a special character!

Other guy accidentally broke a bank’s website by entering emojis into his account name.

Dev Note

To combat performance issues connected with concatenating and displaying thousands of different characters I decided to create many divs to create tree-like hierarchy. I also track how long it takes for the script to generate a character and generate them in batches in intervals to prevent browsers from freezing. I made a slider for changing font size, but it was working slow beyond reason. More performance improvements are needed before it will work.

Play with it yourself:

► Website containing 100000 symbols: tymski.github.io/symbols

► Github repository with the source code: github.com/Tymski/symbols


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