Resources for Blender3D users

Blender is software in which you can create 3D models for 3d printing, video game assets, architectural visualization. You can create a game, rigid body physics simulation, liquid and smoke simulations, animations, sketches, vfx, videos and more. This is a short list of Youtube Channels for learning Blender:  Blender – you can find there a playlist […]

My coolest game ever.

Hello, I want to introduce you to my logic game I was working on for half a year now. My own mechanic and ideas create a game like no game before. It is different from any logic game I’ve seen. The thing common to other games is that you have a game board and it is […]

Basics of programming.

Hello. This will be an introduction to programming. After reading you should know: What computer programming is? Why programming is important? Why are there so many programming languages? Which should I choose? What software do you need to start programming? What should I do to start programming? Programming is teaching a computer to do things […]

Start small, think big.

I write this one for myself. And for You too. Every day do something new, something different. By experimenting, you explore. You may find something that will be an interest for you. You can find something good for you or something you are good at. Have big dreams. Have great ambition. Focus on your goals. […]

go with the flow

Sometimes figuring things out requires evicting all logic and going with your gut feeling. When a human has a disconnect in his brain to the part responsible for emotions, I forgot how this is called this part of the brain I will just edit this later, that human is incapable of making decisions because all […]

Speech-to-text software test

Hello everyone this is just a simple test. I am testing my speech-to-text software. it utilizes JavaScript and node.js. I have node.js server that serves html+js. If I were to type all of this with my fingers on my keyboard it would have taken me far less time, as I have to constantly repeat multiple […]