Beepling around #1

Inspired by a man, who did an artwork a day for over 10 years,, I decided to give it shot to make quick graphic in 2 hours.  It’s not good, but it’s a start. No wonder why beeple used the word “crap” in his domain.

100000 Symbols.

There are a lot of useful symbol that are present in fonts on the Internet. You can find a lot of tables with ASCII symbols and alt codes. For example left [alt]+[numpad 1] gives a smiley face (☺), [alt] and typing 16 gives you ►. However, I was unable to find a list of all […]

#PONG 2 – Play Offline Now Guys

Super Hammer! Super Hammer is a 2D platformer unlike any other. You control an adventurous hammer that climbs mountains. I created another game, check it out here for Windows PC version: Itch.IO games – Hammer by Tymski Or here for the Android version: Android Google Play Store – Hammer by Tymski Here are some screenshots […]

PONG – Play Online Now Guys

I created more than a dozen of computer games. But most of them were somewhere deep in my folder structure on my PC for years. I spent a couple of hours making the video below about my first game on html canvas. Later on I will do a JavaScript breakdown with some key ideas and […]

Resources for Blender3D users

Blender is software in which you can create 3D models for 3d printing, video game assets, architectural visualization. You can create a game, rigid body physics simulation, liquid and smoke simulations, animations, sketches, vfx, videos and more. This is a short list of Youtube Channels for learning Blender:  Blender – you can find there a playlist […]