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This page isn’t scientific in a sense that I check my sources. I do not, because I am lazy. None of this would have existed If instead of writing and practicing my skills I were checking and reading science stuff. if you want to get better information, look for scientific papers and not for these posts.

Some info

I have no idea if posts will be showing up here regularly or at all. I hope to post something every year at least. or not… every time that I make such statements I fail miserably, so scratch all that.

Who am I? I am a visionary, because I once put a comment under a YouTube video predicting the future and someone replied to that saying:

Wow, you are a true visionary.

I know that my English is not where it could be. I have a lot of work ahead. My sentence forming skills are a joke. My vocabulary lacks basic words and I make a ton of mistakes. I don’t know the different tenses, like the Present Perfect Tense, what is it and how to use it. But I am getting better. I think.



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