Hello! Tymski here, writing for you about programming, creating games and making graphics. Kinds of content that you can expect from this page:

  • Tutorials:
    • Programming
    • Games creation
    • Basics of computer graphics
  • Game creation studies and post mortems
  • A little bit of varied content in more bloggy style

Game Creation tutorials

At the time of writing this, I have many ideas, but not much content to game creation tutorials yet. Now in the next 2 sentences I’ll pitch a tutorial series:

We design a simple game, learn the basics of programming to code it and make simple graphics using free programs. We make the game and post it on Google Play or Itch.io.

So, there will be a lot to cover and a lot to learn. I will basically make a series of tutorials I would been treasuring as I started programming as a kid.

You can find my games and play them in your browser on Itch.io page: Tymski’s Games on Itch.io


I was introduced to programming at 8, but I didn’t really get into it until I was 17. Since then, I constantly strive to improve my skills and work on cool projects. I want to share processes, techniques and ideas that I learned and along the way.


JS is a really cool language that used to be only for developing on the web, but it’s no longer the case with powerful engines now available on all major platforms. It’s my language of choice and I will show how to make something simple and useful with it. You can start with reading Basics of programming post if you want to learn a bit more.

C# and Unity3D

We will look on basic of C# programming language and the API of Unity game creation engine to make a game on any major platform like Windows, Android and IOS.

For starters, we will make a simple but fun to play arcade game. Here is a simple game example I made using Blender and Unity.

Computer Graphics

I am much newer to computer graphics world than to programming, so I will focus more on writing about the basic techniques. Here is an example graphic I made in Blender in an hour or so. I like to make stylised and abstract renderings. More of my images are available on Public Domain CC0 license on my Pixabay profile: https://pixabay.com/en/users/TymonOziemblewski-1587333/


Some info

I started this page years ago. I had ideas, but no patience and perseverance to turn the ideas into some great posts. Now I’m just starting to create content.  Contact info should be available on author page when you press my face on the bottom of any post I wrote or on my gravatar: gravatar.com/tymski

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